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I created ukHCS, as a lover of the Hyundai Coupe, to provide a unique resource of information for other owners. Here you will be able to read about the latest news on new models and to discover what potential the car has, particularly in aftermarket modifications and to identify and fix common and simple problems (of which there are very few!).

Although this is a UK site, all information is relevant to other countries, some of whom know the Hyundai Coupe as the Hyundai Tiburon or Tuscani.


Hyundai TSIII
New Hyundai TSIII We know Hyundai like to update their Coupes regularly, so here we have the new TSIII, a slightly tarted-up version of the SIII Coupe. View

Hyundai Coupe Spy Shots
New Hyundai Coupe 2009 Yes, it's another new Hyundai Coupe! Due out in 2009 we've barely had chance to familiarise ourselves with the SIII. The full story is on Auto Express, but you need to be registered to see it, so read all about it here!

Interview with the Owner
A new section has been launched for 2007, whereby forum members are interviewed about themselves and their Coupe. Two new ones have been added, have a look in the Owners section.

2007 Hyundai Coupe SIII
2007 Hyundai Coupe SIIIMy review of the new Hyundai Coupe SIII is now available, along with pictures of the new beastie. The general consensus on the ukHCS forums is that the back is great and the front is 'could do better' - have a look for yourself.

Hyundai Coupe history, in a nutshell

The launch of the gen1 Hyundai Coupe was a huge success and even out-sold the Fiat Coupe in its homeland of Italy.
Hyundai Coupe F2 Evolution Hyundai didn't stand still and released a limited edition Hyundai Coupe F2 model in 1998 which was followed up in June 1999 with the Hyundai Coupe F2 Evolution .

February 2000 saw the new 'facelift' next generation , also known as the RD2 Hyundai Coupe.

A bigger change occured in January 2002 when Hyundai completely re-invented the Hyundai Coupe with the 3rd generation (GK) model, or 'Tuscani'. In line with their regular updates, this was soon followed by the facelift gen3 , in 2005.

2006 saw the very latest Hyundai Coupe go on sale in the UK, the 'SIII', the design is still based around the gen3 model, but with exterior changes.

For a full listing of all the models have a look here and don't forget to check the gallery too!

Me and my Coupe...

RD Hyundai Coupe I used to own a Hyundai S-Coupe (terrible car!), then in 1996 Hyundai made an amazing move by transforming the square shaped S-Coupe into the fantastic shape of the first generation coupe or RD to give it its correct designation.

Having been an admirer of the Hyundai Coupe since its UK launch in 1996, trips to the Hyundai garage would always lead to my drooling over the new Coupe.

Supercharged Hyundai coupe with body kitIn September '98 I had the great pleasure of purchasing my own Hyundai Coupe , a 2 litre SE in Cobalt Blue, it was beautiful in its standard trim, but after a year the modifications began...

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