DIY - Throttle Body Heater Bypass

As we all know (or not) the lower the temperature of the air coming in, the better. E.g. colder air is more dense (has more oxygen in it) and makes for a bigger bang in the combustion chamber. Bigger bang = more power!

But nevermind the physics, the important thing is to do everything you can to reduce the temperature. This little mod removes the heater pipes which keep your throttle body cozy, and allows the air passing through it to be that little bit cooler.

Thanks to Nick (Valkyrie YB70) for the DIY

Please be aware that not having your throttle body heated may leave you at risk of the butterfly freezing in cold whether , as experienced by this poster - Link to forum

At the time fuel-injected cars first became available many years ago, there were a few incidents in very cold countries, deep into the likes of a Canadian winter, when the throttle-body butterflies froze in the open position with obvious potential consequences.

Hyundai's reaction was to equip all their cars, for whatever market, with throttle-bodies which are heated to about being plumbed into the engine cooling system!.

Now all of us who are the least bit interested in obtaining the best possible performance from our cars, have spent a lot of time, trouble and effort in getting COLD air through this very orifice!.

Most of us have fitted C.A.I.`s to our air-intakes (and some even intercoolers) in pursuit of this Holy Grail, only to have the cool airflow nicely warmed-up just as it enters the engine!. I have to admit that when I first noticed the plumbing, I assumed I was looking at a COOLING arrangement & even Webtech is misleading & refers to coolant pipes (at least for the Scoupe Turbo).

The exact layout will vary between models, but on mine (Scoupe) there are two hoses going into the underside of the throttle-body, one takes the hot coolant in & it exits via the other.

All you need to do is locate these, unspring the clips with suitable pliers, lever the hoses off the unit with the help of a flat-bladed screwdriver and then join the hoses together with a roughly 2.5" long piece of alloy or copper pipe which has an appropriate diameter & bore, thus taking the T.B. out of the loop.
Enjoy your extra horses!, cheers, Nick.

This mod can be discussed in the DIY section of the forum

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