DIY - Fitting heated seats your gen1/2 Coupe

If you'd like a warm rear, then this is the mod for you.

Many thanks to Patrick, his webpage is included below.

This mod can be discussed in the DIY section of the forum

Add on seat heater installation:


Needed materials:


Taking out the seats:

The seats:


Now screw on the seat cushion and reinstall the seat into the car.


Because I didn't want to change (destroy) neither the wiring of the car nor the seat heater, I decided to build a connecting cable from the wiring belonging to the add on seat heater. If you don't want to do this you can cut off any sockets and connect them with insulating screw joints. The original Hyundai switches are on-off swiches and the seat heater can be switched to two heat levels. So you do not need the white cable and solder the blue one and the brown one to electric plugs. Cover them with plastic caps.

Plug the two electric plugs into the socket coming out of the carpet under the seat. The polarity doesn't matter.

Now move the seat as far to the rear as it can und fix the dangling wires with cable ties. So nobody can tear them off with the feet while sitting at the rear seats.

Pull out the little black tray next to the handbrake lever. Just grap it with the hand and pull. Do the same with the gear lever cover. Just grap the cover where the gaiter is an pull firmly. The cover is attached with three clamps and two hooks. Perhaps it's better if you pull to the right and to the front at the same time but I usually pull upwards like a maniac.

Search for the two plugs and put them though the hole from the tray. Assemble the switches and insert the plugs. White is for the left seat, blue for the right. Hopefully for right hand driven cars this isn't the other way around. So you better try it before you press the switches into the board.

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