Ultimate Street Car 2001

I had read that Ultimate Street Car would be on at Santa Pod on the 10, 11 & 12 August, with a Show 'n' Shine event being held on the Sunday.

I'd never been to a show before so I decided to go...and if I was going to go I might as well enter myself in the Show 'n' Shine competition.

In preparation for this I hoovered, valeted, washed and waxed my car on the Saturday, so I wouldn't need to do it at some ridiculous hour of Sunday morning.

The sun came up on Sunday to show that it had been wet in the night and the car wasn't in a showable state. So at 7am I was outside with the chamois and the polish trying to rejuvinate the paintwork. Now the unfortunate thing about polishing at that time of day is that the polish doesn't dry off very quickly so that it can be buffed. I left the polish on the car to dry while I went of to have breakfast.

Unbeknown to me it had started to bucket down with rain, this of course, made it impossible to remove the remaining polish! In dispair I decided not to go, until my friend came outside with an umbrella and convinced me to carry on working.

With the polish gone and the rain still falling heavily we went to Santa Pod for USC.

On arrival there was some debate as to whether the show 'n' shine event would still be held due to the weather. After an hour of waiting we were directed to a marquee. Once parked up, out came the chamois again and then the dusters to polish the car.

The cars were judged by the entrants and were nominated for either best in their age category or best engine, interior or most radical.

Typically the Coupe didn't get quite the attention as the Fords did, but many people were interested because it was different and the indiglo pedals were certainly a hit!

Prizes were annouced at 2.30pm and I was so convinced that I wasn't going to win that I didn't really pay attention. It wasn't until I heard my name and saw my friend leaping up and down that I realised that I had won. My car had been voted best in its age category (1998-2001)!

Grinning like an idiot I collected my trophy, on stage, from Adam of Fast Car. It was quite a turn up really that a car so different from the usual makes could win!

Hyundai Coupe Hyundai Coupe Hyundai Coupe Hyundai Coupe Hyundai Coupe Hyundai Coupe Hyundai Coupe