Hyundai Coupe related links

This is a really useful site which lists product recalls for vehicles to go straight to the first stage click here. All you need to do is select the year, then make, then model to view the listing.

Art Sports
It was here that I discovered the 'Studie' Hyundai Coupe body kit. Unfortunately the site no longer deals with the coupe.

Art Sports - Australia
As above, with some really nice gen3 Hyundai Coupe parts.

Autosport Tuning Hinsberger
A German site with nice pictures, to get the full story you will need to enter the German version of the site. The pictures of the body kit on the Cobalt blue coupe is the same one that was available from the UK Hyundai dealers. (Which I bought)

Erebuni Corporation
Body Kits for the Hyundai Coupe.

Findit Cars Index
Excellent listings of links for all makes and models of cars

Hyundai BCC
Hyundai BCC are able to bring the UK the cheapest prices on new and used Hyundai Coupes and other models. They also do good prices on parts and accessories, well worth a look!

Hyundai Car UK
Hyundai company UK Site

Hyundai Coupe Supercharger
This the supercharger I bought for my Hyundai Coupe.

Hyundai News
The Hyundai news site, including motor sport information and press releases

Hyundai Street Tuning
A Dutch based website and community. Well worth a visit!

Hyundai Tiburon - The Civic Alternative
Another owner dedicating his webspace to the Hyundai Coupe - there's some unusal Hyundai Coupe Photoshop images there too.

Hyundai Vehicle Enhancements
Lists of mods available for your Hyundai Coupe.

Motor Mouse
How to find a good deal on a Coupe and other vehicles

Tuning, wheels, body kits etc. Their stuff is available from The Tuning Web Shop in the UK (see below)

Redline Unlimited
Very interesting stuff on how to tweek your Hyundai Coupe!

The Tuning Shop
A UK site with some nice new parts for your Hyundai Coupe. The twin exhaust system is very nice. Also has details on Superchips, interior mods, rims and body kits.

The Unoffical Tiburon Page
Brents Tiburon Page. Lots of pics of Hyundai Coupes!

Tiburon Tuning
Tiburon Tuning - Pics of tibs with body kits!

Wings West
Has a picture of the W-Typ body kit, which is very similar to the body kit released by Motorsport Developments here in the UK.

Despite being a Korean site, this place definately has the best body kits for the gen2 Hyundai Coupe/