1999: Diary of modifications

October 1999

I have had it in my mind for a while now that I would like to get a new performance air filter fitted. I had been told that K&N do not do one for the coupe, so I turned to a local company RGS Motorsport , for help.

Hyundai Coupe My Pipercross Filter The chaps there were very helpful, and explained that they didn't have an induction system for my car, although, they had heard that Pipercross were interested in developing one.

After a few words with the guys at Pipercross my car was off to RGS to have an induction kit made for it.

The kit had to be custom made, and a good job they did of it too. The end result was brilliant, a shiny stainless steel tube finished by a blue anodised cone filter.

So, if you ever get a Pipercross induction system fitted to your Hyundai Coupe - you know where it all started.

Hyundai Coupe Eibach Springs

November 1999

I've taken the plunge and had the lowering springs fitted. The springs are made by Eibach and have a 30mm drop, I'm not sure that I have noticed a lot of difference in handling though.

December 1999

Addition of Ring Ice Blue driving lamps (Christmas present).
Unfortunately people keep flashing me thinking that my fog lamps are on, - they are not! The lights are adjusted to not dazzle other drivers. If you are one of these 'flashing' people - sod off! (Joke!) Hyundai Coupe Ring Driving Lamps