2003: Diary of modifications

January 2003


I could mention that I am still waiting for the fenders, but then I'm sure everyone knows that already!

I have been noticing that the clutch is starting to slip which is of little surprise considering the extra torque being put through it! Its the usual story though, trying to source a performance clutch in the UK is difficult and if my searching fails I may look at importing one from Clutchmasters.


Supercharged Hyundai Coupe I have never been too sure as to how secure my roof spoiler is so I have ordered a new one which clips over the edge of the boot. The important lesson here is that if you own a roof spoiler which adheres to the window, do not use a jet wash near it as it soon becomes unstuck!


Tired of the long wait I have requested that I be refunded for the z-fenders - the money will go to paying for the clutch.

February 2003


Not exactly car related by I now have a digital camera, so I hope to be putting up some improved photos - particularly of the interior of the car.


I have spent most of the last month trying to find a suitable aftermarket clutch. I surprisingly found one in the UK, but the maximum torque was only 197lbft which will not be enough.
I contacted a couple of clutch companies in the States, but the price was either too high or the company was unhelpful.
Supercharged Hyundai Coupe
I followed up a lead on a different company 'SPEC', and after surfing the net for a couple of hours I eventually found their contact details. Due to time contraints I called rather than emailing and spoke to a very helpful chap. Needless to say I ordered one immediately!

There were several stages of clutch available, I was advised to go for the Stage 2 clutch; a segmented Kevlar disc with a maximum rating of 280 lbft. The cost was quite reasonable so I paid an additional $80 and went for the lightweight option, this will lessen the rotating mass and allow the revs to pick up quicker. I will also be having the flywheel lightened and balanced, which will give similar gains.
Package should hopefully arrive next week.

No sign of the z-fender refund.


Clutch arrived today! Looks very nice, almost a shame that it won't be seen - hopefully it will perform as good as it looks. Some close-up pictures of it are in the gallery.


The z-fender refund came though at the end of last week (hurrah!) which will go towards paying for the clutch.

The new roof spoiler has been left with a local sprayer. The spoiler should be ready next week, and I hope to have it fitted the week after.

March 2003


Today the car has gone to Owen Developments near Abingdon.
The new clutch will be fitted and while it is out the flywheel will be lightened, balanced and re-surfaced.

Aquamist Hyundai Coupe
Aquamist 2c system

In additional, and most importantly, an Aquamist water injection system will be fitted to lessen detonation. This should allow the boost on the supercharger to be increased. To do this the diameter of the top pulley will be decreased by around 2mm and the Unichip will be re-tuned.


Rang Owen Developments for an update.
The clutch has been fitted (and I assume the flywheel has been done), however the Aquamist system didn't arrive until today, so this has put them back a few days. I was expecting to collect the car on Saturday, but depending on how things go today they may need the car for longer.
Also, they have found that the supercharger is not behaving in a way they expect. 
Fingers crossed for Saturday.


The car will not be ready for tomorrow. The s/c is not making as much boost as expected.
Owen will contact the manufacturers of the s/c to find out if it is possible to get more power.


The manufacturers were successfully contacted this morning, and the car is on the dyno this afternoon being tuned.
The s/c was not designed to go above 3-4psi and will not run any boost when off the throttle (obviously), however Mark has been able to make some adjustments to increase the boost by another 1-2psi.


Not so happy today. The dyno broke yesterday which means that the tuning has been delayed, however I cannot collect the car until Saurday anyway.
Previously the car was making only making 137bhp at the wheels and 171bhp at the flywheel, very disappointing, this does make me wonder just how much power can be squeezed out?


The tuning is complete!
Unfortunately the Alpine supercharger I have does not appear to give boost willingly so finding the extra power wasn't exactly straightforward. The s/c does not need to run whilst the car is cruising and this is controlled by an actuator, it was necessary to adjust this beyond the factory settings to allow the s/c to make more psi (I hope to get a better explanation of this later on).
Previously the psi was around 3 which has been increased to 6 through most of the rev-range but reaches 8 at the top end. In addition to taking 2mm off the pulley the fuel pressure has been increased.
The power output is now 199.5bhp at the flywheel, I was hoping to reach the full 200, oh for an extra .5!.
I discussed increasing the fuelling with Mark and we may look at putting in larger injectors at some point in the future, but at the moment I am looking forward to driving the car with its new-found power and the increased fuelling may come at a later date (more money!)


Collected the car on Saturday, a week late due to the belt breaking the previous Saturday on the way home!
The s/c now has an industrial belt fitted, which should withstand the tension and use better than the belts used before.

I have been quite cautious about experimenting with the new power as the car behaves very differently under hard acceleration. The lightened flywheel allows the revs to pick up very quickly which was rather disconcerting at first, however the acceleration is excellent and the car will cruise at 'high-speeds' with little effort.

The spoiler may get fitted end of this week/beginning of next.

Oh and the oil pressure gauge seems to have packed up!

May 2003


Studie Bumper & Bug Guard
Hyundai Coupe Bug Guard
Rotec Vent
Hyundai Coupe Rotec Vent
Hyundai Coupe Rotec Vent 

This month a big "thankyou!" goes to David at KSpec for fixing me up with some of the parts I have always dreamed of! Also, he has added a pic of my car with the light lenses to their website!
Since discovering the Studie kit, I have yearned for the front bumper and up until recently it has proved very difficult to acquire. Kore Motorsports did make a replica, but only produced a few due to supplier problems. In addition to the bumper is a gorgeous Rotec bonnet vent, smoked replacement rear light lenses and a bug guard. Obviously a bug guard isn't the most beautiful of items but it should help to reduce the stone-chipping on the bonnet.

June 2003


I have arrived back from my hols and my stuff has been delivered! It was all neatly boxed in a wooden crated (which wasn't the easiest thing to get into). The bumper looks fantastic as does the Rotec vent.
My next task is to save up for the painting and fitting of the bumper and vent, at the same time I will get the Rage Extreme flake applied.

Car has had its 70k service and seems perkier. The oil tap in the block has been leaking for a while, this has been fixed and the oil gauge works again!

July 2003


The car is having its wheels re-furbished this week. They are being acid dipped to remove all the old paint, then sprayed in silver and finished off with a rainbow metal-flake.

Assuming that the wheels are ready by the end of Friday that car will go off on Saturday to have the new bumper fitted and sprayed.


Car back, wheels look considerably better! Although I wish I'd asked for more flake to be used as the rainbow effect isn't very prominent.


Two new tyres are needed. Took the car to a local tyre place which have all the equipment for getting tyres off alloys without causing any damage.
Unfortuately they were not careful in removing the tyre and ruined the new paint job around the edge of the rim - thanks for using a crowbar guys!!


Collected car from painter, bumper looks superb! The bonnet vent proved difficult to fit and it wasn't possible to have it fitted flush with the bonnet. Hopefully this may get sorted out when the re-spray is done next month.

Hyundai Coupe camber bolts Since having the car lowered the front tyres have worn on the inside edge more quickly than the outside (due to there being too much negative camber). I have ordered a set of front and rear camber adjustment bolts from Whiteline in Oz to correct this. The cost is approximately the same as a new tyres so they should pay for themselves.

August 2003


Car has gone to the painter for the full respray.

September 2003

Hyundai Coupe roof spoiler
Hyundai Coupe roof spoiler


I have never been able to decide whether I like the 'max' roof spoiler or not, so its going. It will be replaced with a more subtle offering from MS Designs.