2004: Diary of modifications

January 2004


No 'aftermarket' purchases unfortunately, but I do have a new throttle position sensor.

The car had been very jerky and the new TPS soon sorted things out. I also fitted a new set of plugs so things are running very smoothly now.

The car made it safely back from the respray last year (October), but I have been a little behind with the diary entries, so no comments were entered at the time.

Supercharged Hyundai Coupe The smoothed bonnet vent looks absolutely superb and is exactly how I wanted it to be. The paintwork is also great, but due to the dull weather the true effect of the metal flake isn't showing up as well as I would like. Roll on summer!

June 2004


Supercharged Hyundai Coupe The smoked lenses I ordered with the bumper last year have been dusted off. The lights are made by removing the lense from a stock pair and replacing it with the smoked ones.

The lights look good and I have kept the Osram Diadem indicators bulbs as the blue coating looks nice reflected on the inside of the light. I have some silver coated fog and brake light bulbs on order.

July 2004


I have cancelled the wheel order. Their delivery has been delayed twice, by a month each time, and there is now another 3 weeks delay. Popped into a local shop today and saw the Konig Troubles on display and wasn't keen, so I've had a lucky escape really.

New wheels have been ordered (HiJoin 109) and will be here on Wednesday - I just hope they look alright. Saw a set briefly tonight as a chap held them up against my car.


Supercharged Hyundai Coupe Wheels arrived an looking good in the Toyos and the flush-fit valves. All was well until I discovered that the wheels were not recessed and would not fit over the hub bolts.
Unfortunately when I removed the original wheels, 2 of the tyres were in poor shape, so paying out for 2 new tyres for a weeks worth of driving wasn't what I was hoping for!

The wheels have now been sent back to be machined and will be sent back to me shortly.

August 2004


Wheels are all fitted and look great!

The clear plastic in my tax disc holder has yellowed, so a new one is on order, silver this time and with some custom lettering!


New etched tax disc holder looks fantastic, top job by The Laser Company .

October 2004

Time for some new brake discs. The rears are very corroded so new ones are on order, as it works out only £50 dearer for a full set of 4, this is what I have gone for.

The brand is Rotorpros and I have have ordered dimpled and grooved discs, with zinc plating to keep that rust at bay!