2005: Diary of modifications

January 2005


The source of the mysterious grinding noise was discovered last month. Because of the extra power from the engine the gearbox mount had broken, allowing the engine to tilt back and the pulley to touch the underside of the bonnet. (Now that is a lot of travel!)

Supercharged Hyundai Coupe To cure this I have ordered some uprated polyurethane engine mounts and a new OEM gearbox mount, unfortunately an uprated gear box mount is not available. The firmer engine mounts will lessen any movement from the engine and the strain on the gear box mount will be minimal, meaning that the standard one will be sufficient.

June 2005


It is a very sad day today. The Coupe has gone to a new owner.

I have enjoyed every moment of my Coupe ownership, from researching new mods to creating this site and the forums.
I will continue to update the site and run the forums, who knows I may have another Coupe in the future?