1996 - The First Hyundai Coupe

In 1996 the UK saw the arrival of the newest Hyundai model, the Hyundai Coupe.This new coupe looked sporty, had curves, alloy wheels and bags of sex-appeal. A far cry from its S-Coupe origins.

The Hyundai Coupe soon became the Hyundai flagship, being responsible for 50% of all Hyundai Sales.

The Hyundai Coupe was available in 3 different trim levels, 1.6 Litre, 1.6 Litre SE and 2.0 Litre SE. Although the 1.6 SE was discontinued after about a year, it is available on the 2000 model Hyundai Coupe (RD2).

Oddly a 1.8 litre 130bhp model was available to the US market, rather than the 1.6 which was used in Europe. After a year the 1.8 litre was ditched due to 'production economising'.

Hyundai Coupe Hyundai Coupe