2000 - The Second Generation Hyundai Coupe

Hyundai Coupe 2000 FrontI have been very fortunate to see a brochure for the new Tiburon 2000 (possibly one of the first to see it in the UK).

The new coupe was due for launch this weekend (15/1/00) but it has been delayed to February/March time. I am not aware of the reason for this, but if I get any more info I'll post it here.

Ok, the new Hyundai coupe was released on Valentines day.

The changes to the new coupe are mainly cosmetic. Most noticeable are the new front lights.

Enough waffle - here's my review

The long awaited appearance of the 2000 model Hyundai Coupe has arrived. And what mixed emotions it has provoked!
Essentially the technical specification of this model is the same as the previous - 137bhp etc.

Hyundai have given the uniquely styled coupe a face-lift and a buttock-reshape. Whether this is for better or worse, I'm not sure, and neither are a lot of other people...

The front sees new twin projector head-lights, additional low-set driving lights and a new bonnet vent (hmm, KIA design?)*. The new headlights have prompted reactions of "looks like a Toyota Celica". It does seem to appear that Hyundai are following the crowd somewhat with the new design of Coupe, not a good thing in my opinion, drivers of the 96-99 model revel in the uniqueness and the one-off appearance of their motor.
*I know that Hyundai and Kia have merged - I didn't expect them to merge their car designs too!

The rear sports new squarer lighting arrays and port-holes(which are only for appearances) in the lower bumper. Once again it seems that the idea for the lights has been 'borrowed', this time from an Impreza, maybe?

The interior has seen the most changes, the matt black dash of the previous model has been replaced by a two-tone silver, with matching silver door inserts and silver detailed buttons, vents and seat inserts(only on SE model).

From looking at the Korean brochure some lucky countries will get their Hyundai Coupe with electrically heated wing-mirrors and no, the UK is not one of the lucky few.

The model specifications remain the same with the SE package coming with leather upholstery, CD player, air con and ABS.

I have not had the chance to drive the new Hyundai Coupe, but I hope to have the opportunity soon.

Don't be fooled into thinking that this new model will be around for a long time as the revised Hyudandai coupe will be out in February 2002, check the latest details on the news page.

Hyundai Tiburon 2000
Hyundai Coupe 2000 Back Hyundai Coupe 2000 Dials Hyundai Coupe 2000 Buttons Hyundai Coupe 2000 Gear Knob

There are several colours to choose from
(including some new ones too.)

Mystic Teal
Rio Tomato
Cobalt Blue
Jazz Orange
Alpine White
Cardinal Red
Pastel Yellow
Tropic Green