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Friday 7th September 2001 was the long awaited day for the Korean launch of the new look Hyundai Coupe; the Tuscani.

Spy shots have been available for several months but nothing quite compared to seeing the fully unclothed version.

The new model has been completely re-worked and the familiar swooping lines of the previous two models has now been replaced with more angular body styling. The new shape could perhaps be best described as somewhere between the new Elantra and the Ford Cougar.

It has been rumoured that Ferrari took Hyundai to court as the rear of the Tuscani looked too similar to that of the Modena - Hyundai won, however.

The new car has been described by Hyundai as more of a grand-tourer than a sports car, although the new car certainly won't be sluggish.

The original 1.6 and 2.0 litre straight four engines will still be available in the Tuscani although it is believed that these have had some slight modification, although still haveing the same power rating. Most excitingly Hyundai have added the option of a 2.7 litre V6 engine (from the Santa Fe) which will be coupled with a 6-speed gearbox, this model may possibly be badged as the 'Elisa'.
175bhp and 245nm torque at 4000rpm are expected from the V6, with 0-60 in around seven seconds. In addition to the 6-speed 'box there is also a Porsche-developed 5-speed automatic with a manual override.

Prices are going to be approximately the same for the 1.6 and 2.0 litre versions, the V6 will be around £19,000.

Once again the 'coupe' of Hyundai range will have the option of either cloth or leather interior. Other changes to the old specification are a twin exit exhaust, 17" 5 stud wheels alloy wheels and twin driver and passenger air bags. Additional features are: high-tech brake assistance system, intelligent airbags, window wipers that react to the speed of the car and gas-type shock absorbers, which will be available on all models.
The new Coupe will only be badged as the Tuscani in Korea, the UK and the US will keep the names 'Coupe' and 'Tiburon' respectively.

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The Tuscani movie was shot at Eastern Creek Raceway in Sydney around July time, the workshop scenes were done at HVE. The bodykit was designed, built, painted, and fitted by HVE in around 7 days from taking delivery of the car, and a road going version of the kit should be ready soon.

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