February 2007 - Interview with the Owner

Olis Hyundai Coupe

Vital Statistics:

1997 2.0 SE
Dark Red
owned for 1 year

Not-so Vital Statistics:

Oli, 29
Guildford, Surrey

What made you first want a Hyundai Coupe?

I was looking for a new car and fancied something different, it was the curves of the coupe that first caught my eye, then the fact that there weren't many about at the time, I don't like owning cars that everyone has. I'm now on my second coupe and still loving it like the day I got it.

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Olis Hyundai Coupe

Olis Hyundai Coupe

Now that you own one what would you say is the Coupes best feature?

The dash is one of the best looking I've seen in any car (gen 1 that is), the front end, lights, infact all of it is nice. My only criticism is the standard spoiler looks wrong

How would you rate the car - out of 5 - on the following:

Ext Styling
Int Styling
Cost of ownership (due to mods otherwise a 4)

In the next model what would you like to see added or changed?

Rear wheel drive and a super charger would be nice. Otherwise make it more curvy, the current Gen 3/3.5 has too many angles, and these can become quite dated. Curvy cars never seem to look out of place.

If your Coupe was edible, what food would it be and why?

Why would you want to eat your car?

Have you modified your Coupe? If so, why?

1. 17" Konig Rims, far superior to the standard wheels
2. Body Kit gives it more of an aggressive look
3. Lowered, makes it a street racer!!
4. Rear spoiler, cause the original is naff
5. Interior lighting did this for a laugh, no other reason.

Do you have any plans to modify your car / modify it further?


Should you ever part with your beloved Coupe what car would you buy next?

Ooooo, proberly a Honda Civic, id like the Civic Jordan.

What is the most annoying thing about your Coupe?


Do you regularly (read / look at the pictures in / ring the dodgy numbers in the back of) modified car magazines?

No, the only Mag I buy is Total Guitar.

Any other personal details, or comments that you would like to share with the world?

None I can think of.