May 2008 - Interview with the Owner

Daves Hyundai SIII

Vital Statistics:

2000 and 2002
Gen2 2.0 SE Silver and Gen3 V6 Silver
owned 2 yrs and 6 weeks respectively

Not-so Vital Statistics:

Dave (Macker) , 50
St Helens, Merseyside

What made you first want a Hyundai Coupe?

Well after having Fords most of my life, I got offered a cheap Hyundai Pony x2 which was a great little run round for 3 years, this lead me to the Gen2 which I seen at the dealers when I went for parts for the Pony, Then having the Gen2 for 2 years troubled free motoring I moved onto the Gen3 V6 which I am really enjoying.

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Daves Hyundai Coupe

Daves Hyundai Coupe

Now that you own one what would you say is the Coupes best feature?

But I own 2 Haha .. yeah the best feature I find is the comfort and all the controls at hand, also the styling of the Coupe's make them into real head turner's.

How would you rate the car - out of 5 - on the following:

Ext Styling
Int Styling
Cost of ownership

In the next model what would you like to see added or changed?

Well as the Gen4 or Genisis has been unveiled ... it's all there, more power and rear wheeled drive.

Have you modified your Coupe? If yes list up to 5 items and reasons why.

The Gen2 ... Bodykit to improve the looks, strut brace for handling, CAI for power gains, 17" wheels for better mpg on long distants, and a few LED light dotted around the car.
The Gen3 ... Lowered 30mm with Eibach springs for better road holding, Catback exhaust to make it sound like it look's, Deambered because the orange looks gross, clear side repeaters again they look gross. Painted Calipers to give a sporty look.

Do you have any plans to modify your car / modify it further? (list up to 5 items and reasons why)

Gen2 ... only mod left on that to do is a lower front bumper.
Gen3 ... I dont have any more mod's in mind at the moment, I just want to enjoy the car for a bit first.

If your Coupe was edible, what food would it be and why?

Gen2 ... Frog's leg's, I think everybody knows why ( something to do with the front lights maybe )
Gen3 ... Doughnut's, something to do with the weight it carries

Should you ever part with your beloved Coupe what car would you buy next?

Another Coupe or a Audi A6 3.0

What is the most annoying thing about your Coupe?

Lack of power.

Do you regularly read modified car magazines?


Any other personal details, or comments that you would like to share with the world?

Nah I'm to shy too give them out.