Interview with the owner

Welcome to the new 'Interview with the Owner' section. Each month a member from the forums will answer a few simple questions about the Hyundai Coupe. The idea behind this section is for people to give their honest opinion and provide information for potential Hyundai Coupe purchasers, or just for people to read out of general interest.

Each month a new member will be interviewed.

More information can be found on the forum

January 2007
The first lamb to the slaughter is Alex Chung.
Alexs Hyundai Coupe
February 2007
Representing the gen1 gang is Oli.
Olis Hyundai Coupe
March 2007
Clean green, Kerry.
Kerrys Hyundai Coupe
April 2007
Our first SIII on the forums, Martyn.
Martyns Hyundai Coupe SIII
May 2007
Gen2 makes it into IWTO, Bob Marsh aka 100Scout
Bobs Hyundai Coupe
April 2008
It's Uncle Buck... check out his garage for his custom seat-belt pads.
Grahams Hyundai SIII
May 2008
Macker the mod and his 2 Coupes
Dave Hyundai Coupe