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carl's Hyundai Coupe

carl's Hyundai Coupe

carl's Hyundai Coupe


Hello, I'm Carl and Im from Manchester.
I just bought my first Coupe after hearing about how great they are to drive, and I wasnt let down!!

No real modifications as yet as I am still in shock that I own such an incredible car, however the standard speakers are going to have to be changed and I think some slightly bigger wheels wouldnt go amiss either!

Im so impressed with the standard suspension that I have no real intentions of changing it, and I have a friend who is going to slightly darken the windows for me aswell.
I cant believe that it drives so nice, it might only be a 1.6 but it is nippy enough and handles so keenly on the twisties that i cant help but smile, much to the annoyance of my slightly jealous girlfirend!!

This car deserves much more publicity, it must be one of the most underrated cars of all time, its such a shame that hyundai arent doing more to keep it looking nice though, i really think that the new one has gone down hill recently, it just doesnt look that nice, however the roaring 2.7 v6 engine might convince me otherwise!!!!


Model: 1996 1.6
Colour: Savannah Green
Location: Manchester
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