Gen 1 - Eve's Hyundai Coupe

Model: 1998 F2
Colour: Black
Location: Cambridge


My name is Eve Johnston and I live just outside Cambridge in England I have just bought a 1998 S reg Hyundai Coupe F2 in black.
My car is a dream due in a large part to the fact the previous owners (2 of them) only put 41,000 on the clock so it is still in nearly mint condtion! This may sound like sacralige to you but I had never been that drawn to the coupe before I saw my car but the sleek sexy lines in black with the larger 16" alloys and that agressive front end totally caught my attention and it was love at first sight!

Since the car is almost untouched there have been no mods done as yet but over the next couple of months I intend to fit an induction kit, prob K&N 57i, a strut brace, prob lower it too oh and fit a CD changer unit (once you get used to one you can never go back!) and some extra wattage in speakers. Not anything too drastic cos I think it looks like sex on wheels already and I love the way people look at it, I might poss get it de-badged to make people more curious as to what it is!

I also love the fact that its quite unsual, I work part time in a petrol station so I see a fair number of cars so I wanted something which I dont see everyday, in fact I cant remeber the last time I saw one!

Don't have any photos of it as yet but will send some as soon as I do. I really like the page, one of the most useful pages about the Coupe, and thanks for explaining the differences between the different models!