Gen 1 - Paul Dowsett's Hyundai Coupe

pauls Hyundai Coupe

pauls Hyundai Coupe

pauls Hyundai Coupe

Model: 1998 1.6
Colour: Cobalt Blue
Location: Midlands


I have always loved the look of the coupe, it wasnt till I was a bit older I realised I could actually afford to have one. There such good value for money IMO.

So far I have only added my audio system, lowered it, added alloys and added the clear rear clusters.

My audio system consist of sony 2 faced head unit, 800watt amp, 2x 300watt kenwood 6x9's and 15" kicker sub.

My future plans are to add 3" oval exhaust (ordered), under car neon kit (blue/ordered) K n N iduction kit (ordered), power boost valve (ordered), lambo doors(coming in sept), viper recling seats, carcept bodykit, full respray in cobalt blue.


Appearance Performance
Alloys Lowered
Rear clusters
Miscellaneous Audio
Sony Head Unit
800w amp
300w Kenwood 6x9s
15" Kicker Sub