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andrew's Hyundai Coupe

andrew's Hyundai Coupe

andrew's Hyundai Coupe

andrew's Hyundai Coupe

Model: 2003 2.0 GTS Type Super
Colour: Samba Red
Location: Korea & UK


I am a PhD Student here in the UK but I am Korean.. hehe... I have been living in Korea but I moved to England when I was 14. Then our family moved back to Korea while I am doing my PhD. So I go back to Korea occasionaly so I have my Coupe/tuscani there. Not so easy driving in Korea with UK liscence, but experience is awsome. I have automatic because of extreamly busy city driving - suits better in Seoul than having manual.

This is 2.0 GTS Type Super (hehe... this is what they call in Korea) and Automatic I am in Seoul but live in UK as well. I am based in Surrey

I have bought this car in Seoul and I just love this shape. As a Korean manufacturer, this is very respectable achievement. I love the sitting position and love the bright colour of Red. I feel this red is actually better than other red in Coupe Mk1 and Mk2. I also like the badge of Tuscani as well. Gives more prestige image.

No plan for the mod yet but I will probably put 18 inch alloys to make it more beefier. When I end up living in Korea for longer period, I will contact Tomato A&P for mod. They have some fantastic mods available for Coupe.



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